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On the eve of mother’s day, on the enterprise of se "electrical systems" souled music and greetings

On the eve of the important holiday for each mother, the State Enterprise "Electric Systems" greeted the eldest with the festive concert.

"I wish to all mothers: let the warmth of the home center, created by your gentle hearts and caring hands, warm your families at all times, and the good that tirelessly sow around you, turned a hundredths," said Igor Slobodyanyk, the chief engineer in a salute speech.

Pupils and teachers of the Vinnytsia Children's Music School № 2 prepared a small special event for workers dedicated to the Mother's Day. Do not forget to say a good word about our grandmothers, because they are the mothers of our mothers, who care for the genus.

Since ancient times, Mom in Ukraine has been a symbol of the guardian of the family and of the traditions she passes on to her children, a guardian of family warmth and comfort, harmony and love in our homes.

At the celebration, I sincerely thanked the mothers and grandmothers who work with us for having the strength and inspiration that they faithfully carry out their work.

Dear friends, congratulate each mama this Sunday, wish her health! Remember those mothers who have gone to eternity in prayer.

We wish you all, dear colleagues, so that every family lives in peace, prosperity and confidence in its future.

We are confident that your mothers and grandmothers deserve respect for 365 days a year. But in this special day, given to them, have an extra reason to remind them that they are extremely special!


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