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Work safe - our obligation!

SE "Electric Systems" joined the celebration of the World Day of Labor Protection, which this year was held under the motto "Protected and Healthy Generation".

According to the State Labor Service of Ukraine, during 2017, there were 366 industrial accidents in Ukraine, and in 2016 there were 400. The State Labor Office noted that as a result of inspections in 2017, 37,461 violations were detected, of which 91 % - 34 102 violations. The department noted that in 2016 this figure amounted to 80% (45 433 violations, of which 36 302 were eliminated).

"We are a state-owned enterprise of the newest Ukraine, and therefore we bring European values into our lives," says Alexander Tishchenko, director of the "Electric Systems". - It means that we must ensure decent and safe working conditions for our employees. The Government has identified Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, including decent work and economic growth. Our enterprise as one of the leading employers of the region confirms the state strategy with real actions. We are responsible for the life and health of every employee in our company. For us, the personal safety of employees can not be less important than the results of work. Therefore, at the enterprise, 43 instructions on occupational safety have been developed and put in place for all working professions, regular briefings of department heads and training aimed at forming a culture of labor protection of our employees are being conducted. In keeping with the course of time, we introduce advanced technologies, achievements in science and technology, mechanization and automation facilities in the installation of fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems, we create our own ventilation and air conditioning system, and put into operation a modular boiler room. These are progressive steps that we improve every day, because the main value for us is a person. That is why we launched a competition on the occasion of the World Day for the Protection of Workers with incentive material assistance. It is extremely important for us that our employees feel secure in their work. "

SE "Electric Systems" organized the Week of labor protection. More than 1,000 workers were trained and tested on safety issues.

A specially selected specialist commission considered the work of all departments of the enterprise in the field of occupational safety and health based on important criteria, such as conducting briefings, ensuring proper working conditions, preventing injuries; maintenance of documentation on occupational safety issues, etc. According to the results of the Review-competition, the company received three winners:

And the place - the staff of the repair area (the head of the district Gavronsky V.M.)

ІІ place - the staff of the quality department (the head of the department is Lipka-Zagrebelna N.Yu.)

ІІІ place - the staff of the section of cutting (the head of the site - Shipuk О.S.)

Valentin Nechko, Head of the Department of Occupational Safety, Environment, Fire Safety and Civil Protection: "The culture of labor protection begins with the personal responsibility of each manager. If labor and work discipline are in good condition, and attention to occupational safety is paid not by the residual principle, then the enterprise will not be threatened with the professional activities of people. "

The head of the department for the prevention of insurance cases - the insurance expert on labor protection Vinnitsa department of the Directorate of Internal Affairs of the SIF Ukraine in Vinnytsia region Igor Demyanenko, present at the award, noted that the State Enterprise "Electric Systems" can be proud of its own developments in the field of occupational safety, which operates control of the conditions of work of each employee.


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